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Get the latest trail conditions with the Willmar Lakes Area trail report so you can take advantage of the great trails in the area.

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Phone: Steve Lottman 320-235-7769 OR Mark Grindy 320-235-9625

Sno Skippers
Joe Shimota 320-979-4953

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Trail Reports

Trail Report for 9-11-23

Check out these interesting facts about why leaves change certain colors in the fall! (Info from MN DNR website) 🌳🍃 Why do some trees have bright red leaves in the fall, but others will only turn yellow or orange? Good question! 🍂🟠 Yellow, orange, and brown pigments, called carotenoids, are always present in the leaf and become visible as green chlorophyll breaks down. Trees that become golden yellow and brown in the fall include ash, aspen, basswood, birch, cottonwood, and elm. 🍁🟣 Purple and red pigments, called anthocyanins, are only…

Trail Report for 7-20-23

Summer is a great time to take advantage of the many miles of trails in the Willmar Lakes Area! Whether you choose to bike, hike, roller blade, horseback ride or jog, our trails have what you’re looking for: peace, tranquility, wildlife, a variety of terrain and a great view! So come on out…the trails are calling you!

Trail Report for 6-15-23

Have you had a chance to get out onto one of our trails yet? The trails around Robbins Island are perfect for families and those wanting a variety of scenery. The Eagle Lake trail also provides for a great view and a relaxing bike ride around Eagle Lake. Don’t forget the gorgeous ride around Green Lake as well! And the Glacial Lakes State Trail can accommodate those looking for a long, enjoyable ride or a short, flat ride for the kids. Biking is a great family activity and we have…

Trail Report for 5-18-23

Spring has finally arrive in Minnesota and we couldn’t be more excited! All of our trails are free of snow and ice and are just waiting for you to enjoy them! Enjoy the trails in the Willmar Lakes Area by walking, running, biking, rollerblading or however you choose. Let’s just get outside and enjoy the warmer weather!

Snowmobile Trail Report for 3-20-23

All trails in the area are in good to very good condition. A few spots are showing a little wear and tear due to traffic and the weather, but it’s still good for snowmobiling!

Sibley State Park Trail Report for 3-17-23

Since the rain/snow event on Thursday, March 16, all trails are not regroomed. Local snow depth is 30 inches.

Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center Trail Report for 3-17-23

Trails have NOT be groomed and are not skiable. *time to break out the snowshoes.

Snowmobile Report for 3-15-23

The snowmobile trails in the Willmar Lakes Area are about 70% groomed and they are in good to excellent condition! Hopefully they hold out throughout our next winter storm coming Thursday evening and through Friday.

Snowmobile Report for 3-5-23

The snowmobile trails in the Willmar Lakes Area are in very good condition! There are only a couple of light spots near the open fields, but the recent snowfall has helped to fill in any gaps. Plan that last snowmobile getaway before spring arrives and the temperatures warm up!

Winter Trail Report for 3-2-23

Glacial Lakes State Trail – Snowmobile trail is groomed and in excellent shape. The trail has a seven inch base and local snow depth is 10 inches. Sibley State Park – Due to equipment breakdowns trails are not groomed but feel free to break new trail. We received about 4 inches on 03/01/23 and that has not been groomed. There is a 12 inch base for skiing and snowmobiling.

PWELC Trail Report for 2-23-23

Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center: Trails by main building are packed. Trails at farmsite have a single classic track set. Bike trails have not been packed.

Winter Trail Report for 2-15-23

The Glacial Lakes State Trail has a 4 inch groomed surface and groomers report good conditions for snowmobiling. Roughly 10 inches of snow covers the ground along the trail. Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center: Last couple days have been tough on trails. We ripped up classic tracks in preparation for the warm wet weather. Trails are hard packed and very crusty with several sections of just ice. Good news – no bare ground showing. So, if we get another round of snow we might be back in business. Sibley State…