Fishing Report for 7-12-22

The fish have moved into their summer locations by now so anglers are encouraged to stay mobile until a group of fish is located. Crawlers and leeches on live bait rigs are turning the majority of fish in waters ranging from 8-20 feet deep. Crappies can be found suspended over deep water and along the weedlines. Large bass are coming from the shady areas under docks and overhanging trees and along the deep weedlines. Anglers have found walleye in the shallows while pulling plugs in the evenings on Green Lake as well as in the 25-35 foot range. Early morning and late evening has proven the most successful for walleye on Norway, Eagle, Diamond and Point lakes in the 15-20 foot depth range. Nest Lake has been putting out nice sized northerns, bass and walleye. Those that like to shore fish should try Florida, George, Foot, Nest and Diamond lakes. Northern pike are eager to bite just about everywhere in the Willmar Lakes Area! Don’t forget to stop in to Sunray’s Bait, Tackle & Outdoors store and check out all of their new fishing equipment as well as stock up on bait!

Attention walleye anglers: don’t forget to sign up for the 2022 Green Lake Walleye Classic on August 21st.

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