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Fishing is a great opportunity for recreation in Kandiyohi County for locals and visitors alike. With so many lakes, ponds, streams and the Crow River, the opportunities for angling enthusiasts are nearly endless.

Game fish found in Kandiyohi County Lakes include Sunfish, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike making the Willmar Lakes Area a popular Minnesota fishing destination.

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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report for 11-13-23

Few reports are available as anglers put away their boats for the season. Anglers that continue to venture out, however, are being rewarded for their efforts. Jig and minnow combinations remain the best bet for walleye and crappies.

Fishing Report for 10-31-23

Anglers that continue to venture out are enjoying a great bite. Jigs or spinners tipped with a crappie minnow or a fathead should catch the most fish. Walleye and crappie anglers are finding fish in the 10-15 ft range during low light hours and at night on Norway Lake, Minnetaga Lake, Big Kandiyohi Lake and Lake Lillian. Other lakes to try this week would be Green, Willmar, Foot, and Ringo lakes.

Fishing Report for 10-17-23

The lakes have cooled and the fish are hungry! This is the perfect week to get out and do some fishing in this beautiful weather! The lakes that have cooled the most and have quite a bit of running water would be my first choice to try. These lakes include Big Kandiyohi Lake, Minnetaga Lake and Lake Elizabeth. But with the calmer winds the northern end of Green Lake would be a good bet to catch walleye in the 25-20 foot range. Foot Lake has put out some nice walleye…

Fishing Report for 10-10-23

This is a great time to enjoy some outdoor activities surrounded by beautiful fall color! Walleye are in their fall patterns, responding to jig and minnow combinations. Anglers trolling crankbaits at night are also catching walleye. Crappies have relocated to their fall locations and many will remain there until the lakes freeze. Bass remain active off the deep weed edges on most area lakes. Jigs and plastics are working well, along with slow-rolling spinnerbaits.

Fishing Report for 10-3-23

Most anglers are turning their attention to the fall walleye bite with lake temperatures ranging from 60-65 degrees. Many of the great locations for finding walleye in the spring will work in the fall as well. Stay near the weeds, moving water and concentrate on shallower waters for the larger walleye. For the best action use bottom bouncers, jigs and lindy rig presentations. For live bait, use crawlers, sucker minnows and fatheads. Just don’t be surprised if you catch a hungry northern pike as well in those locations. Some great…

Fishing Report for 9-26-23

The walleye bite is picking up in the Willmar Lakes Area but most fish remain scattered. Anglers should stay on the move until fish are located, then drop a jig or live bait rig tipped with a minnow. Some walleye have been found near the green weed areas which hold baitfish. Bass are responding well to jigs, plastics and crank baits along the weedlines. You can also find northern pike and panfish along the edges of the weeds using crank baits and spinner baits for northern pike and small plastics…

Fishing Report for 9-12-23

Fishing is sure heating up in the Willmar Lakes Area as the water temperatures start to cool. Walleye have been active between 5:30-7:30pm on Ringo, Green and Eagle lakes. Jigs and rigs tipped with minnows and night crawlers are starting to turn the majority of fish. Crappie are biting on Long Lake in 15 feet of water and should soon be biting on Foot Lake near the culverts by the fairgrounds. Big Kandiyohi Lake has been busy with active perch on the northeast side of the lake. Anglers have been…

Fishing Report for 8-28-23

Lately, walleye anglers are having success in the deeper waters and at the shallow weedlines. In the deeper waters, try jigs or live bait rigs tipped with large minnows. Near the shallow weeds, try nightcrawlers or leeches for a variety of fish. Trolling crank baits at night has also been good for walleye. Northern pike are being caught by anglers casting or trolling spinner baits over the tops of the weed flats in 6-12 foot depths. The panfish are still very active and can be easily found by trolling the…

Fishing Report for 8-21-23

Few anglers have been out lately. With the recent heat wave, surface water temperatures have bounced back so the best time to fish has been in the low light hours; early mornings and evenings. The walleye bite has picked up on Big Kandiyohi Lake in the 16-20 foot range with crawlers or leeches working the best. Sunfish, bass, and northern pike are biting on most area lakes when anglers use a small jig or spinner rig tipped with a night crawler in the weed lines. Crappie have been biting on…

Fishing Report for 8-8-23

Summer fishing patterns are holding strong for many species of fish in the Willmar Lakes Area. Anglers should concentrate on the deeper weedlines to find the most active daytime walleye. Anglers utilizing crank baits or jigs with crawlers in 10-15 feet of water are seeing the most action. Many walleye are also being caught at night while trolling. The largemouth and smallmouth bass bite has been excellent on many area lakes in the 15-20 foot depths. Northern pike remain fairly deep, responding to slowly-rolled big spoons worked at slower speeds,…

Fishing Report for 7-27-23

The fishing bite has slowed down a bit with the hot temperatures. Most fish have moved deeper to stay cool. When fishing on Foot Lake or Nest Lake, stick near the culverts for the best action. You’ll find sunfish in the weedlines around the 15-17 foot depth on Diamond Lake. The bass have been eagerly biting on Eagle Lake as well as Point Lake around the 17 foot depth. Large sunfish have also been pulled from Point Lake in the past week. When looking for walleye, try trolling rapalas in…

Fishing Report for 7-17-23

Anglers continue to report active fish on area lakes. The walleye bite has been fair to good for anglers trolling harnesses along the weed edges, with some deeper fish on the rocks responding to live bait rigs and snap-jigging. A consistent night bite is being reported along the weedlines. Northern pike remain very aggressive along the shoreline breaks. The crappie and sunfish continue to bite on spinner rigs and jigs with plastics worked over the weeds in 9-15 feet of water. Lakes to consider this week include Big Kandiyohi, Diamond,…