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Fishing is a great opportunity for recreation in Kandiyohi County for locals and visitors alike. With so many lakes, ponds, streams and the Crow River, the opportunities for angling enthusiasts are nearly endless.

Game fish found in Kandiyohi County Lakes include Sunfish, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike making the Willmar Lakes Area a popular Minnesota fishing destination.

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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report for 3-3-23

Please note: Monday, March 6th at 11:59 pm is the deadline to remove permanent fish houses from lakes in the southern two-thirds of Minnesota. Don’t wait till the last minute to take them off as with all of the melting and refreezing, it may be difficult to get them free from the ice. Don’t forget that all anglers should take all their property and litter with them when leaving the lake. You can still bring your fish house out on the ice after the deadline – you just can’t leave…

Fishing Report for 2-24-23

Many anglers report some nice sized blue gills being pulled from Long Lake, active crappies from Nest Lake and many crappie and perch from Diamond Lake. Be careful when you venture out as the ice has melted and refroze a few times so it’s not as strong as it appears. Always check the ice thickness and quality as you move around the lakes. Attention all ice anglers: Fish house removal deadlines are approaching. Make a plan to bring the proper tools with you to remove your fish house safely. Leave…

Fishing Report for 2-7-23

Now’s a great time to go ice fishing in the Willmar Lakes Area! Active crappie are being pulled from Nest Lake near Camp Sanderson using Clam plastics and anything with a Wonder Bread color pattern. Foot Lake is great for catching northerns throughout the day using minnows and crappie at dusk with minnows and wax worms. Anglers have been pulling bluegills and crappie from the southeastern shoreline of Eagle Lake starting at 10 feet deep and walleye off the west point in 14-20 foot depths. Stop by Pete’s Surplus in…

Fishing Report for 1-12-23

Fishing has been great in the Willmar Lakes Area with active fish on almost every lake! Walleye fishermen are excited to get out on Green Lake, which has roughly 16 inches of ice with 14 inches of snow on it (except where it is plowed). Ringo Lake has had a great crappie bite lately. Eagle Lake has active walleye in the middle and southern part of the lake whereas northern pike have been found more in the northern part of the lake. Anglers have reported that South Long Lake has…

Fishing Report for 1-5-23

Green Lake has roughly 14-16 inches of ice depending on the different areas. We just recently got another 5-8 inches of fresh snow on top. Be careful as you travel across the lake as you may get stuck. It’s best to wait for them to plow a road. Crappie have been pulled from Long, Nest, Florida and Foot lakes. Perch have also been active on Long and Eagle lakes.

Fishing Report for 12-30-22

Despite extreme cold temperatures earlier this week, some anglers continued to head out and catch fish. Many area lakes are sitting with 16 inches of ice on them, but it can vary around the lake. Always check the ice thickness as you venture out. Anglers are pulling crappie from Florida, Foot, and Long lakes as well as perch on Long Lake and Eagle Lake. Those fishing on Foot Lake have also reported active walleye. Much milder temperatures have arrived and anglers are excited to get back out on the ice!

Fishing Report for 12-23-22

This week’s snowstorm kept many anglers off the lakes, but those that did head out reported nice numbers of walleye and panfish. Effective presentations included jigging spoons with minnows, and minnows on deadsticks, especially during early morning, late afternoon and evening hours. Please note that this week’s heavy, thick snow has affected ice conditions on many lakes, resulting in slush pockets and making travel difficult. In addition, the insulating factor of the snow will inhibit ice development, leaving inconsistent ice thicknesses. Anglers must use caution and check ice thickness often…

Fishing Report for 12-16-22

Warm temperatures and heavy snowfall have stalled ice development. While anglers are venturing out onto the ice in many areas of the state, everyone must use extreme caution and check ice thickness often. It is very important to work with a resort of outfitter that is knowledgeable of current ice conditions, especially early in the ice fishing season.

Fishing Report for 11-29-22

Few reports are available as most open water anglers have called it quits and eagerly await the ice fishing season. Those that have been out are still catching crappie from Lake Florida, perch from Eagle Lake, and crappie and perch from Long Lake. Anglers must use extreme caution when venturing out onto the ice. Ice is never 100% safe and ice conditions can vary greatly from one lake to another, and on the same body of water. It is extremely important to wear a life jacket, bring along an ice…

Fishing Report for 11-15-22

Few reports have been available as anglers await ice fishing season. Those that have ventured out have been catching crappie and perch on Long Lake, Eagle Lake and Lake Florida.

Fishing Report for 11-8-22

Few reports are available as anglers put away their boats and wait for the upcoming ice fishing season to begin. Anglers that continue to venture are having success with walleye, crappies, perch, northern pike and muskie. Jigs with minnows remain the best tactic; for panfish, use ice fishing jigs. Anyone heading out this weekend should be prepared to launch their boats without access to public docks. Please remember that water temperatures are very cold on most Minnesota waters. It is extremely important to wear a life jacket when out on…

Fishing Report for 11-1-22

Few reports are available as anglers put away their boats and wait for the ice fishing season to begin. Walleye anglers that continue to venture out are having success using jigs and minnows, especially during morning and late afternoon hours. Cooler temperatures late this week will push fish towards their winter locations. For the most action, use a jig and minnow in ice fishing hot spots. Anglers will want to bring along some waders or rubber boots since docks are being removed from public water accesses.