On Trend in the Willmar Lakes Area

By Bailey Hovland

Keeping up with the latest beauty and fashion trends can be difficult. As soon as you think you’ve got a hold of what’s in, it’s already out. Lucky for you, there are more than a few places in the Willmar Lakes Area to keep you looking stylish all year long, starting with…

Long lashes? Check. Perfect brows? Check. Ready to take on the world? Check check check.

Bombshells and Brows Microblading on 1st Street in Willmar
This salon helps you feel fresh to death, starting with the oft forgotten beauty feature: the eyebrow. The pencil-thin eyebrows of the 90’s are out and full, shaped brows are in. Bombshells and Brows offers microblading services to ensure that your brows are always looking their best. For those who aren’t quite caught up on the latest brow beautification trends, microblading is a kind of eyebrow architecture that uses precise, small needles to lightly scratch the skin and implant medically approved pigments. The results are fine, realistic, and natural strokes of pigment that look exactly like eyebrow hairs. Unlike a tattoo, microblading does not last forever and will need to be redone every few years to maintain those picture-perfect brows.

Eyelash extensions are also one of the latest (and my personal favorite) beauty trends to hit 2019. Want flawless lashes right when your alarm clock wakes you up in the morning? Tired of eyelash curlers and trying to find the perfect mascara? Eyelash extensions are probably for you. Lash technicians can customize your lashes to fit your personality — from big and bold like Katie Perry to bright-eyed like Kerry Washington. Whatever beauty trend you’re trying out, Bombshells and Brows in Willmar can make it happen.

These adorable little necklaces add a touch of Minnesota to any outfit without being too much. The perfect minimalist necklace to add to any outfit.

Urban Escape in Spicer
If you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe with some of the latest and greatest fashion trends, Urban Escape is a great place to start. Minimalist jewelry, neutral colors, and statement t-shirts paired with denim jackets are all looks that will have you feeling chic and stylish wherever you go. The store features their newest arrivals on their website, so you can take a look around online before you head in to try on the cute midi dress that just arrived in store.

The Happy Sol in downtown New London
When your look is about natural colors and minimalist jewelry, sometimes you need to add an accessory that really makes the whole outfit pop. The Happy Sol can help you there! With incredible Mary Francis handbags that add a beaded bohemian look to your simple outfit and over-sized jackets that give you casual flair, this local store has everything you need to add a little *something something* to your usual style.

Add this beauty to a jean and t-shirt combo and people will think that you’re still one of he most fashionable people around.

Ali J Boutique in downtown New London
Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if what’s in style and “on trend” really suits you, and you feel a little lost when shopping around for a new look. Ali J Boutique can help with that. They offer three tiers of “Worthiness Styling” levels, where stylists take you one-on-one through the store and help you figure out which clothes are best suited for you! The silver level teaches you about dressing for your body proportions, color tone, and style personality. Are you a winter palette who likes to look and feel professional? Try blues and structured tops! Are you tall with a more colorful and vibrant personality? Work with layering and fitted jeans. The gold service takes this styling up a notch, giving you monthly style session and exclusive pricing. And the diamond service brings your stylist to your closet, where Ali J Boutique keeps a database of your closet to mix and match store items with what you already have. Whichever route you choose, Ali J Boutique will help you look and feel your best by finding a style that’s the perfect fit for you.

Trends may come and go, but the Willmar Lakes Area’s ability to suit every one of them doesn’t. From Lily Collins perfect eyebrows to Kim Kardahsian’s monotone looks, this area has everything you need to follow the latest styles. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find a look that’ll set your own trend…

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