Spicer to Little Eyes

Why is it called Green Lake and not Blue Lake? It's so clear and pretty!

By Hannah Hannig

Spicer is nicer, have you heard? We pride ourselves on all surrounding towns, lakes and people. However, there’s just something about Spicer. “What is that something?” you may ask. Well, I thought I’d take you down the streets of Spicer through a child’s perspective and you can decide for yourself…

There’s so much to see from my trailer on a bike ride around Spicer!

Yippy, it’s morning time! The sun is shining so bright and warm through the window and I see my mom and dad getting the bike and trailer ready for a ride…yes! I overheard them saying we are biking the Glacial Lakes State Trail into town. Oh boy, do I love Spicer! I wonder what we will do first!

Snacks packed, cap on, and strapped in tight. It’s so comfortable riding in… Oh there it is, Spicer! While looking at all the cars and trucks driving by on the road, I wait in anticipation to see the lake. There’s the Big K… Kaaahhhhoo… oh I remember, the Big Kahuna! I rode on race cars there one time it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! I’ll ask my mom and dad a few times to see if I can get a yes. Shucks, only “not today.” Next door is my mom and dad’s gym. There are many businesses to my left and right, but my eyes can’t help but focus on the Dairy Queen sign ahead…mmm that sure sounds good right now. Before I ask my parents, I remember I don’t think I’ve even had breakfast yet! If I’m lucky we will stop at Westwood Café for breakfast and to say hi to Mr. West.

OH THERE IT IS! Green Lake! I’m not quite sure why everyone calls it Green Lake though, it looks blue lots of times to me… oh well it sure is beautiful and BIG! I picture myself on an ocean or something when I see Green Lake. Don’t worry though… there aren’t any sharks in Green Lake. Anyway…instead of turning toward the lake my parents keep going straight… we must be going to the Library! Wow are there ever a lot of books at the library. Shelves upon shelves upon shelves of books. I pick out my favorite books and I don’t even have to give the librarian any money for them and still get to take them home! Sometimes my parents head over to the Kafe La Baja across the street to buy their yummy (to them) coffee drinks. I’m not sure how they drink that stuff but they insist it’s a necessary splurge… whatever that means.

My favorite time of the day is when we get to visit the really big park in Spicer (Wildcat Cove)!

Finally, we are headed toward the lake! Beautiful birds soaring near and far, high and low and the sounds of the ripples on the water are so clear (as clear as the lake itself) that I can picture myself jumping in! This however is interrupted by my stomach which is growling like a bear. Just as I’m about to ask when we were going to eat… we stopped! I got out of the trailer with help from my mom and looked up at Westwood Cafe where I then ordered not just one but two eggs, bacon and juice! We left feeling so full and satisfied. It’s really busy in there and I always like seeing all the grandmas and grandpas too. I heard my parents say they were going to check out the new hotel and then head to the park, oh what fun! I’ve never been to a bigger park in all my life! They have everything you could dream of! Most of the time I meet other kids my size enjoying the park too. Maybe I’ll see some friends today!

On our way to the hotel, there are other buildings with people coming and going but one that I like to see my mom calls Urban Escape. I’m not sure what that means yet but I do see mommies and sisters that always come out laughing or smiling so it must be a happy place. The new hotel is one of the biggest buildings I’ve seen and it’s very pretty. We didn’t bring our suits but the beach is one of my all time favorite things to do in Spicer! I see bigger kids playing basketball and volleyball there too. That will be so much fun when I’m bigger but for now, the park is all that’s on my mind.

I run through the park and play for what feels like a long time and feel myself dozing off in the bike trailer as I speak so that might be it for now. Too much fun to be had in …….. (zzzzzzzz) SPICER, MN

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