Fall Foliage and Beautiful Bike Trails in the Willmar Lakes Area

By Bailey Hovland

Picture this: you step outside on a beautiful October day. Tree branches stretch over the streets of the Willmar Lake Area, boldly displaying the arrival of fall. Leaves range from amber to gold to burgundy, cascading down every


Biking in the Willmar Lakes Area is a great way to see the fall foliage and all its beauty.

branch in bursts of color. The air is crisp, smelling of sticky tree sap, fresh soil, and fresh apple crisp. You walk across the grass, crunching leaves with each step. You decide it’s the perfect day for a bike ride. After hopping on your bike and securing the helmet’s strap under your chin, you wheel your bike out into the stunning autumn weather. Where do you go next?

You could head for Robbins Island Regional Park in Willmar, where bike trails wind through the park. You’ll bike through the park under the cover of the changing leaves barely clinging to their branches until you reach the lakeshore, where you’ll make your way through quaint residential areas, past the county fairgrounds, and in between Willmar Lake and Foot Lake. The calm water will reflect the rich fall tones on the water, adding yet another level of enjoyment to the three-mile bike ride.


Biking can be a fun activity for the whole family.

Maybe you’re hoping to get a bit further away from town, searching for a more adventurous kind of biking. Just outside New London is Sibley State Park, where bike trails wrap around the side of Lake Andrew and weave through the park. There are plenty of sights to take in while making your way around Sibley State Park—especially trees. The park is full of aspens, oaks, ironwoods, basswoods, hackberries, and green ashes. You can even keep an eye out for wildlife; white-tailed deer, red foxes, cardinals, and bluebirds are often spotted under the cover of the trees while wood ducks, muskrats, and mallards can be seen swimming across the marsh. If you are looking to get away from civilization, Sibley is the place for you.

Perhaps you are looking to venture out even further into the Willmar Lakes Area and spend the entire day cycling across the asphalt trails, taking advantage of the pristine day. You can take to the Glacial Lakes State Trail, running between Willmar, Spicer, New London, Hawick, all the way out to the edge of Kandiyohi County and beyond. 22 miles of bike path span across the Willmar Lakes Area, paved atop the former Burlington Northern railroad grade. Peddling through the countryside, you’ll see plenty of fall foliage to get you fully immersed in the spirit of fall as well as sprawling fields and peaceful marshes.

Just think of the many beautiful pictures you will get on your next bike ride through the Willmar Lakes Area.

Just think of the many beautiful pictures you will get on your next bike ride through the Willmar Lakes Area.

The list could go on and on thanks to the innumerable options for bike rides throughout the Willmar Lakes Area. With the gorgeous fall weather and the scenic landscape of the region, biking is the perfect option for any autumn day. So, if you find yourself in the region on a free day — perhaps even this coming Saturday — take advantage of this wonderful time of year and grab your bike so that you can explore the boundless trails of the Willmar Lakes Area.


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