At Willmar Hypnosis, Jessica L Hanson CHt, LLC provides hypnotherapy to assist people with a wide range of life applications, from ceasing bad habits to reducing stress and offers hypnosis training and certification.

What has Hypnosis been used for?
The answer is, almost anything you can think of! Issues that respond well to Hypnosis are: Weight reduction, Smoking cessation, sleep issues, anxiety related stress management, personal performance, pain management, dental procedures, fears and phobias.
Other issues Hypnosis has been used for are: Self esteem and confidence building, child birth, anger management, headaches, learning skills, nail biting, performing arts…. and the list goes on! (Some issues may require a professional referral)
Hypnosis is integrated healing. It pairs well with any other therapy you are already using, and may help increase its effectiveness.

Each individual is as unique as their issues, no two are the same. Through client-centered hypnotherapy, allow me to assist you in achieving your goals and dreams.
Why not start today? The rest of your life is waiting for you!
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