Opening day for the 2024 season is April 11th. Spring Hours are 11am-9pm

Stop by and enjoy a quick bite as you go through the drive-up or sit on the picnic tables in the shade. Our friendly staff will be happy to serve you.

Located across from the high school on the corner of County Road 40 and Highway 9 in New London. Just two block off the Glacial Lakes bike trail. We serve delicious BBQ’s & hot dogs on bakery buns along with chips and Pepsi products.

We are known for our smooth and creamy soft serve ice cream in all the forms you love like sundaes, shakes, snowstorms, and cones. Try it in our Flavor Burst cones, with a ribbon of flavor on the outside of the vanilla ice cream. Flavors include: chocolate, strawberry, caramel, bubble gum, green apple, cotton candy, banana ripple and mocha cappuccino. A tasty new way to have an ice cream cone.

We also have Crunch Creme cones, where the candy is injected into the soft serve ice cream. Think of it as a little snowstorm in a cone. Our most popular flavor is cookies n’ cream, but customers also enjoy our Heath (toffee), Butterfinger, Nerds, M&M’s, Whoppers (malted milk balls), Nestle Crunch and Reese’s Pieces. Soft serve ice cream full of candy in a cone! A cool new idea for a warm summer day.