• Svea

  • Location:

    Svea, MN 56216

Svea is an unincorporated community, in Whitefield Township, Kandiyohi County. Svea is quite small, spanning only three blocks. Svea Lutheran Church stands at the center of the town. The community mainly consists of dirt roads, except for County Road 11 which is the ‘Main Street.’ The surrounding area is mainly farmland, with occasional wooded groves and lakes. Big Kandiyohi Lake lies to the east of the community. The largest nearby town is Willmar, approximately 10 miles north.

Like many towns, a post office was first established in July 1891 and then businesses and homes followed. At one time, Svea had a school, church, bank, co-op store, mercantile, several garages and more. What remains today is a small, quiet community of homes and the still active Svea Lutheran Church.

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