• Wheeler Lake Camp

  • Location:

    Atwater, MN 56209

After fighting a running battle with the Dakota on August 20, 1862 at Diamond Lake, two groups of refugees from Spicer and Eagle Lake camped here at Wheeler’s Lake. The Dakota camped across the lake from them. There were no disturbances during the night. When the refugees left the next morning, the Dakota followed and attacked the vulnerable train of oxcarts about three miles to the southeast of this site. Andreas Lorentson and Sven Backlund stayed behind the main body of the refugee party to protect their cattle, Dakota warriors killed Lorentson and Backlund in their attempt to seize the cattle. Silas Foot and William Kouts counterattacked the Dakota, wounding one of them, and compelling the Dakota to retreat.

Where: This marker is located 1 mile north of Atwater on County Road 2, then .5 miles west on 30th Ave. NE and then 1.5 miles north on 180th St. NE.