New York Gyro offers delicious Middle Eastern dishes such as shawarma, falafel, and kabab. With our friendly crew and alluring ambiance, we guarantee a memorable dining experience. The fast-food Middle Eastern concept allows the customer to enjoy a high-quality, great tasting meal within minutes of placing the order. A typical consumer is a middle- to upper middle-income teenager or adult, age 18 to 55 who is tired of typical American fast food and has chosen to eat a flavorful and quality meal.

Great Taste:
New York Gyro prepares its food with caution and following a special process that creates a unique kind of meal to deliver an exceptional taste to the customer. The magical taste recipe is non-replicable by other restaurants which makes customers always come back.

Great Quality:
New York Gyro focuses on delivering the most value to the customers which has lead to discovering new ways of making its menu healthier. New York Gyro started grilling its food in order to extract the excess of fat from the meat. The customers enjoy the fact that the Gyro is moist and not oily.

Healthier Food:
New York Gyro uses vegetable oil to prepare its food and fresh veggies that are purchased from chosen farms. Authentic New York Gyro offers a menu with authentic Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, Greek and American food which attracts all individuals from different backgrounds.

Halal Food:
New York Gyro offers Halal food. For an animal to go from farm to table as Halal food, it must have lived a pure life from the very beginning, finishing a cycle of life and it must have eaten well been treated well, and been sacrificed well. The New York Experience The moment people see New York Gyro, they start experiencing the New York adventure with the Statue of Liberty welcoming the customers and the big sign which automatically attracts them. When they walk in the restaurant, the experience continues with the decoration including the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and view of NYC buildings by night that gives a feeling of being in New York.

Open Kitchen:
New York Gyro has an open kitchen with a grill and salad bar where customers have full visibility. They can watch the chef making their food and pick their toppings for their meals from the topping bar.

Mass Appeal:
The large and diverse menu gives New York Gyro the strength and flexibility to appeal to the majority of consumers. The Middle Eastern food lover, the health conscious eater, the Burger lover, the Fried chicken eater, the salad eater, children and adults, and families or couples can all find items to enjoy on the menu.