• Irving Townsite

  • Location:

    County Road 4
    Spicer, MN 56288

In the fall of 1856, A.J. Bell, a civil engineer and E.M. Wilson an attorney, both of the state of Virginia selected 160 acres in this area and platted what, they hoped, would be the future city of Irving. A small cabin was built here and Hodden Putnam spent the winter here, as the sole inhabitant, to hold the claim.

In 1857, work began on a two-storied 20’ x 40’ building, with 18’ x 20’ ell. The entire structure was built as a blockhouse and was intended to be a hotel. Newton Pierpoint was the innkeeper and the Irving postmaster until 1862. The building burned down during the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862. Irving town site was the first county seat of Monongalia County, which comprised the northern half of what is now Kandiyohi County. The town later moved to Lake Calhoun in 1865 and then finally to section 13 of Irving township.

Where:  This marker is located east of Spicer on County Road 10, then north on County Road 4 2.6 miles. The actual site is located 1.6 miles south of marker.