• Green Lake Village

  • Location:

    , MN

In 1867 a dam was built across the Crow River at the inlet to Green Lake on the north shore. This was for a saw mill which was at once erected. There was a great demand for lumber by the early settlers, plenty of timber but a saw mill was needed. At the same time a grist mill was erected by Charles Sperry. The two mills were owned by George and Edgar Nichols and these were the first mills set up in the then Monongalia County. These mills brought early farmers from the whole area to the new village to get the services offered. The post office was established in 1866 with Oliver Taylor as postmaster. The erection of the mills and the log houses needed, provided much employment at the time. In 1869 S.W. Morrill and son opened a general store in the village. Rev. McGowan of Harrison Presbyterian Church made calls every two weeks to hold services in the new village.

However, much as a fine start was made for the new community there was trouble ahead. New London was growing at a faster rate and becoming the real trade center in the area. Green Lake Village as a center lost out slowly but finally; the two mills declined in services and patronage. The saw mill went out of business first so only the grist mill was left. The post office was located in the grist mill in 1902 with S.C. Hillman as grist owner and postmaster. Eventually the grist mill also succumbed.

Where: This marker is located on County Road 30, .3 miles east of MN 23.