• Haugen Homestead

  • Location:

    Spicer, MN 56288

In May 1859, Olof Olson Haugen, his wife Bergeret, and son Frederick homesteaded here in section 32, Dovre Township. Over the next three years, the Haugen family diligently worked to establish their new life; building shelter, raising crops and animals, and developing relationships with people who came before them.

The Dakota people had hunting and fishing camps in Kandiyohi County before the American and European immigrants came. These immigrants had to learn how to co-exist with the Dakota. Many settlers had good relationships with the Dakota and would trade goods and food with them, thus it was a surprise when 25-30 warriors attacked them in August 1862.

On August 21, 1862, Olof Haugen had gone to Green Lake to get the mail and trade. A Dakota war party came upon their homestead and killed both Bergeret and Frederick. Their bodies were later discovered by a burial party and buried at this site.

Where: This marker is located 2.2 miles north of US 12 on County Road 5.