• Johannes Iverson

  • Location:

    Spicer, MN 56288

On September 28, 1858, Johannes and Carin Iverson and family settled on section 32 of Lake Andrew Township near Crook Lake. Using supplies from the Eagle Lake Sawmill, Johannes Iverson built a log house here.

On Thursday, August 21, 1862, a band of Dakota approached Johannes Iverson while he was haying. He was shot while they talked to him. His wife and younger children escaped; an older daughter, Mary, was taken captive and place on a pony. Her screams frightened the horse; he ran away and Mary slipped off and escaped in tall grass. She made her way back to the house.

Mrs. Iverson had no knowledge of the attacks happening throughout the area and thought it was just acts of a wandering band. She left Mary and her eldest son, John to take care of the smaller children and she started with the baby towards Norway Lake to get help. It was when she arrived there she learned of the widespread disaster.

In the meantime the children left home because they were frightened of the Dakota returning. They spent the night on the prairie. The next day they started for Norway Lake, but became lost. While wandering, they came upon people with horses and wagons, which they thought to be the Dakota. John and Mary each grabbed a child and began running away from the wagons. Three horsemen soon came upon the children and to the children’s relief it was a rescue party from Paynesville. They were taken to Norway Lake and reunited with their mother.

Where: This marker stands near Crook Lake, 9 miles north of U.S. 12 on County Road 5 and turn left on 132 Ave. NW for .25 miles.