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The past year has brought massive changes to our daily lives and relationships. Learn how family members are impacted by each other’s mental health and how you can help your loved ones. Plus, learn about tips for self-care and why taking time for your mental health is so important.

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Meet the Presenter:
Lyndsie Voorhees, MA, LPCC, MN-CGC is a Mental Health and Family Supervisor at Project Turnabout Centers for Addiction Recovery. She has experience working with children and adults with mental health disorders and addictions. She started her journey at Project Turnabout working with compulsive gamblers before joining the mental health and family team. Her experiences help her provide education and insight to family members and patients.


Wellness Wins is a virtual series organized to bring resources to business leaders across Kandiyohi County to help them navigate the uncertainty of turbulent and stressful times.

Wellness Wins Goals:

  • Education – Experts provide valuable resources for self-care
  • ​Empowerment – Leaders take the knowledge and resources gained from the series back to their organizations to empower employees
  • Engagement – From a top-down approach, leaders use the information gained to lead by example and give their employees tools to improve their lives

Wellness Wins is brought to you by Woodland Centers, Carris Health, Project Turnabout, and the Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce.