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Level I RPG: The Cold Bounty
Saturday, January 15th from 2-5pm
at the Willmar Community Center

Join us at the Willmar Community Center for another exciting adventure in the D&D universe!
Call 320-262-5288 to register!

A quick role playing game based off of Dungeons & Dragons. You get to learn how to build your character, basic moves, and play an entire session in a matter of hours!
A great opportunity to learn about Role playing games.
Our host, Thomas, is a great story teller and will walk you through the whole session, guide you on what your character can do, and actions you can take during the game.

On the trail of a vile criminal, the party becomes stranded on a frigid mountain range that is home to a legendary lost vault and a mysterious wizard who is seeking new glory.
Will the party bring the criminal to justice?
Will they uncover untold riches?
Or will they even make it off the frozen slopes alive?