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The Healthy Homes Grant focuses on key areas of the home. All homes have both healthy and hazardous elements, however knowing the area’s in your home that could cause injury, accidents or illness for those living within is key.
By maintaining a clutter free, safe home we eliminate risks like tripping, falling and broken bones.
By keeping a home free from rodents, pests and other unwanted critters keeps disease out.
The main areas addressed are:
Indoor Air Quality
Asthma and Allergens
Mold and Moisture
Carbon Monoxide
Drinking Water
Hazardous Household Products
Home Safety
Many aspects play into whether a home meets criteria, however the various areas if not addressed and maintained will cause someone’s home to become a haven for pests, mold/moisture, safety concerns.
Join us to learn more on Tuesday, March 7 @ 1:00p