Whitney Music
A place to get music instruments, lessons, repair instruments and live music performances.

Bob & Jeanne Whitney purchased Nelson Music in 1996, at our previous location on 60th Ave NE Willmar. We renovated our new establishment and moved to our current location in fall of 2007. We’re involved in many community events by donation, sponsorship, and providing live music. Bob Whitney’s commitment to the arts community has enriched Willmar and the surrounding areas since 1977.

Our Commitment is to provide quality, teacher approved instruments and service to students to help assure a successful educational music program.
To help fit your budget, you may rent until you have paid for the value of the instrument. You may apply the rent to the purchase. Plus, at Whitney Music, you select the instrument from a large selection of new or nearly new rental return models.

Here are some of the services our repair shop offers (check our website for more details):
-Brass Repair
-Guitar Repair
-String Repair
-Woodwind Repair
-Piano Tuning/Repair
-Piano Moving