Growing Our Community’s Food.
Its more than a job, It’s a way of life!

It all started with 6 goats, 10 chickens and a bucket of asparagus. In 2018 we started raising goats as a hobby. The asparagus launched us into the farmers market and craft world. 10 chickens turned into a few hundred as we started selling to a local restaurant and bakery. We quickly realized there was a local need for goat production and what started as a hobby transformed into a larger operation. Over the last year we have had to grow our facilities and our way of doing things. We are so grateful for friends and a community that has been of so much help and support. They say it takes a village!!

We love attending the Farmers market in Paynesville every Wednesday and Saturday bringing fresh foods from our farm!

Every year we enjoy hosting a Halloween event to raise money for the local food shelf. This is an effort put on by our farm, volunteers and community businesses.
We look forward to Pumpkin Smashing, food, games, Treats, and more!

Local Pick-Ups
Wednesday’s Farmers Market – Paynesville from 11am-1pm
Saturday’s Farmers Market – Paynesville from 9am-12pm

Farm Pick-Ups
Open Daily from 9am-8pm
Closed on Holidays