Heglund Catering. Catering to Your Tastes.
Cafeteria is open from 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM & is open to the public.
We serve all types of parties.
Closed on Sundays

” In 2006, my wife, Cari, and I purchased Heglund Catering from Mike and Emily Heglund. Mike and Emily have had an extensive career and fantastic reputation in the Willmar area food industry. It is this reputation that we are looking to uphold, using many of the tried and true recipes that have been so successful for the Heglund’s over the years, while still brining new ideas and styles of cuisine that we taught to me at the Art Institute of Minnesota and various other experiences in the culinary field. My eclectic approach to food varies from a goulash hot dish to braised pork shoulder with root vegetables. I am unwilling to be boxed in to a certain cuisine, I enjoy variation and freedom and to try different foods and techniques while still holding on to the standards of quality classic cuisine. My staff and I hope to serve you some day at a banquet or an event and show you some of the things that we enjoy in the world of food. ”

Chef Grant Huisinga