Located on the Assemble of God grounds, this beautiful facility contains a state-of-the-art theater with stage area.


[ep’ I senter] n. a focal or central point. It is our desire to have a facility that is specifically designed to appeal to junior and senior high students. The edgy industrial décor is a comfortable space for the students of this generation, and is expressive of their attraction to the sights and sounds of TV, radio, movies and music that is such an integral part of their lives. Traditionally some of the world’s greatest church architecture, with its pews, ornate carvings, and stained glass windows has aspired to create an atmosphere of awe and reverence. Today’s generation is more responsive to an environment that reflects their more energetic, eclectic approach to life. This facility [the epicenter] will provide an exciting, dynamic ministry environment where we can meet the PHYSICAL, RELATIONAL, and SPIRITUAL needs of the students in this community.

Meeting Rooms:
Sanctuary holds 300 people.
Brown Room holds 25-30 people.