• US-Dakota War of 1862 Aftermath

  • Location:

    Lake Lillian, MN 56253

The United States Army responded to the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 by carrying out federal government security policies of removing remaining noncombatant Dakota people and pursuing combatants while protecting settled areas. In August 1863, Jesse V. Branham, Sr., William Branham and William and Charles Kruger harvested grain on William Kruger’s farm eight miles south of Forest City. They tethered their horses that night and woke the next morning to find their horses missing. They spotted a trail leading to the west towards Kandiyohi County. A group of mounted soldiers followed the trail leading west into this area. Here they found the horses tethered and two Dakota men sound asleep. The soldiers surrounded the Dakotas, and fired a gun. The Dakota awoke fighting and nearly killed or captured the soldiers in a melee before they, themselves, were killed.

Where:  This marker is located on north of Lake Lillian 2.8 miles on County Road 8.