Fresh, locally grown strawberries available U-Pick or pre-picked three weeks only mid-June to early July, at Brouwer Berries, five miles north of Prinsburg! (11 miles West of Willmar) Hours vary, so please always check our website before coming.

Come out with your family and friends to enjoy the baby farm animals, the wagon ride to the field, and most of all, the delicious taste of a vine-ripened strawberry, sweet from the summer sun!

Sign up for a season alerts at or by contacting Sarah Brouwer: (320)967-4718 or

Dan & Sarah Brouwer & Family
“See this berry,” I say to a group of eager young children crouched down on clean straw, in the middle of rows of strawberry plants laden with red fruit. “The strawberry is like a bottle of pop; all the sweetness is locked up inside. Pick it gently, and keep the green lid on top, or the fizz will start bubbling out, just like a pop bottle. When you are ready to taste it, twist off the green top, and pop it into your mouth — a juicy, sweet strawberry!”

Back in 1998, Dan casually mentioned to me that he’d bought a few strawberry plants.

“How many,” I asked, somewhat distractedly.

“Fifteen hundred,” he replied. At this point, my eyes jerked open, and I started spluttering.

“What on earth for?” He explained that he and his mom were going to start a strawberry U-pick farm, but he was sure it wouldn’t affect me in any way.

Since that time, a wonderful mix of people of all ages have come strawberry picking at our farm, Brouwer Berries, just eleven miles west of Willmar. We continue to grow in acreage to meet the rising demand for locally grown fruit. Everyone who comes eagerly joins in the harvest experience. A field-fresh strawberry tastes fantastic!

Dan and I have five children who have grown up participating in the rhythm of life on a strawberry farm. They each get to help with all aspects of planting, harvesting, directing customers, and endless hours of weeding. Our parents, including my parents who come from Canada every summer, help out during the busy harvest season with sorting the fresh fruit and driving the tractor. They tell us it is fun!