Covid-19 Travel Information

Our local shops and hotels are open!  They have taken measures to ensure your visit to the Willmar Lakes Area is a clean and safe one!

Latest COVID Update as of 1-6-21:

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present an unprecedented and rapidly evolving challenge to our State. Minnesotans’ sacrifice and commitment to their communities over the holiday season has helped change the pandemic’s trajectory and save lives. By nearly any metric, the pandemic is improving, and the situation in Minnesota is undeniably better than it was last month. We are continuing to see progress. We can be optimistic.

Dial Back, Minnesota

Changes beginning January 10 at 11:59 p.m.

Social Settings: Do not gather with people from other households.
Two households may gather indoors, 10 people max.
Three households may gather outdoors, 15 people max.
Masks are strongly encouraged and social distancing must be maintained.

Restaurants and Bars:
Bars and restaurants can open at 50% capacity, with a maximum of 150 people.
Indoor dining: 50% capacity, 150 people max.
Outdoor dining: 50% capacity, 150 people max.
Parties of no more than six people must remain six feet from other parties; bar seating is open to parties of two; reservations are required; and establishments must close between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Gyms, personal fitness and yoga studios, martial arts:
Gym capacity remains capped at 25% but maximum capacity
increases to 150.

Machines and people should maintain 9 feet of distance.
Classes increase to 25 people, assuming distancing can be observed.
Everyone must be masked.

Indoor events and entertainment:
Open at 25% capacity, no more than 150 people.
Masks required. No food service after 10 p.m.

Outdoor events and entertainment:
Open at 25% capacity, no more than 250 people.
Social distancing is required.
Strong recommendation for masks, but not required

Organized Sports (Adult and Youth):
Practices open. Games resume January 14 with limited spectators according to appropriate venue capacity restrictions.
For indoor games, spectators are limited according to indoor venue guidance (25% capacity, up to 150). For outdoor games, limits follow outdoor entertainment guidance (25% capacity, up to 250).
Inter-region tournaments and out of state play are discouraged.
See COVID-19 Sports Practice Guidance for Youth and Adults.

Outdoor Recreation Activities and Facilities:
Open per DNR’s Outdoor Recreation Guidelines
Three households may gather outdoors, 15 people max.

Reception spaces for celebrations or private parties:
Wedding receptions and other private parties may resume with limits.
If food and drink are served then, they are limited to two households or 10 people indoors and 3 households or 15 people outdoors.
If there is no food or drink, they are covered by indoor event venue guidelines.

Campgrounds and charter boats:
Open with guidance
Three households may gather outdoors, 15 people max.

Pools and swim parks:
Open at 25% capacity.
See COVID-19 Public Pools under Executive Order 20-104.

We all must continue to do our part. Wearing a mask is simple; nearly everyone can do it. When paired with other steps, like social distancing, washing your hands, testing often, and by following the guidance closely, we can stay safe and slow the spread.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What restaurants have a drive-thru or or offer curbside pick-up? Please check out the Eat Local page as we continue to update restaurants on a daily basis.
    2. What are the options for shopping retail? Please check out the Shop Local page as we continue to update specific offerings from businesses on a daily basis.
    3. Are masks required?  Yes, as of July 25, 2020, Minnesota has implemented a state wide mask mandate.  All individuals over the age of five, with no underlying conditions that would be exacerbated by wearing a mask, are required to mask up in any public space including but not limited to:  shopping centers, restaurants, attractions, office space and any other indoor facilities or outdoor areas where social distancing is not able to be practiced.





We continue to monitor the ever-changing world surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it is having on the Willmar Lakes Area tourism industry. We are following all of the Executive Orders and recommendations set forth by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) throughout these unprecedented times. For more information and prevention tips on COVID-19 please utilize the following resources: