Buckingham Blitz Jack Russell Terrier Trials

September 07, 2019 - September 08, 2019  


Date(s) - September 7, 2019 - September 8, 2019
All Day


Buckingham Farm


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This year’s Buckingham Blitz Jack Russell Terrier Trial is September 7-8, 2019!
Other terriers and agility dogs are more than welcome and encouraged to come as well as Dachshunds!

Events we offer:
Youth/Child Handler
Jackpot Racing
Super Earth
Lure Coursing
Barn Hunt
Brush Hunt
Open Agility (all breeds)

Conformation judges: TBD
GTG Judges: TBD
Racing Judges: TBD
Brush Hunt: TBD

Stakes Barn Hunt will take place on Sunday only and will open from 9 to 2 approximate time. Sign up will be available from 8am-5pm Saturday. In short, there will be 4 or 5 in tubes and 2-3 empty tubes. Each dog will have 3 min and 30 sec to find all active tubes. The top 6 times will receive a breakdown of the entry fees.

Entry fee is $20 per dog, they may run the course only once. Maximum of 60 dogs will be allowed to enter.

Puppies 6-12 mos are eligible but will compete against the other pups for a separate share.

Handlers can walk along with their dogs and talk to their dogs throughout the course. Handlers cannot touch their dogs nor any part of the course except when restraining their terrier while removing the tubes. Any dog not completing the course in the 3min 30sec will not receive a qualifying time.

Regular Barn Hunt will still take place both days, the change is Saturday Barn Hunt will be in the Quanset and Sunday Barn Hunt will take place in the West end of the clinic. We have new Awards for Barn Hunt this year and a Championship Ribbon and Perpetual for the fastest time of the weekend.

Pay off for the Stakes Barn Hunt in the Quanset on Sunday!!!

Go to: http://buckblitz.webs.com/program-entry-forms to register.


Trial Location: Buckingham Farm – 13040 60th Ave SW – Raymond, MN 56282

To contact us:
Alex Iden: buckeqal@mvtvwireless.com – 320.212.8827
Melissa Baggenstoss: baggendjackrussellterriers@gmail.com – 320.310.1111

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